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Common Legal terms
Alford plea – Voluntary plea of guilt by Dft, more an acknowledgment that the evidence exists for a conviction than an admission of guilt
AMAP – Minor awareness program
Arrears - The state of being behind in the payment of debt or an obligation, usually child support
assignee – Person to whom an assignment or grant is made; also grantee
bnf – By Next Friend (someone assisting and/or acting on behalf of another in litigation)
Breach of Contract - Violation of a contractual obligation
CASP – Community Alternative Service Program; probation
et al – and others
GAL – guardian ad litem, appointed by the court to represent a child or unborn child in a case, but only for the duration of the litigation
habeas corpus – Produce the body, bring someone to court to determine if he or she is being denied liberty without due process
in forma pauperis – In the form of a pauper; Permission given to a poor person to proceed without liability for court costs
interlocutory – Provisional, temporary, not final
intervenor – Person who voluntary interposes into an action with the permission of the court
legatee – Person on whom a legacy is given in a will
lis pendens – A pending suit; jurisdiction a court has over property in litigation until final judgment
NACIA – National Anti-Crime Institute of America
nunc pro tunc – For now then; for acts which should have been done earlier, but were not, and now are being done with a retroactive effect
pro se – Someone acting as his/her own attorney
Promissory Note - An unconditional written promise, signed by the maker, to pay absolutely and in any event a certain sum of money either to, or to the order of, the bear or designated person
QDRO – Qualified Domestic Relations Order, it defines how a pension is split after a divorce
replevin – Action by which someone who contends to be the rightful owner of property may have it returned or may have it while litigation is in progress
SATOP – Substance/Alcohol abuse program for traffic offenders
supersedeas bond – A bond required when one petitions to set aside a judgment or execution
trial de novo – New trial or retrial, held as if no trial was previously conducted
UIFSA/URESA – Interstate child support actions
Unlawful Detainer - The unjustifiable retention of the possession of real property by one whose original entry was lawful, as when a tenant holds over after lease termination despite the landlord's demand for possession
Wrongful Death - A lawsuit brought on behalf of a decedent's survivors for their damages resulting from a tortious injury that caused the decedent's death